Reactions to our announcement teaser.

It's been a week since we announced our project with the announcement teaser.  So after a week, we have over 22000 views of the teaser across the world and a lot of words of encouragement and support for our game.

News of our game reached far away corners of the world, such as China and Japan, Indonesia, Russia and the US. Here is a small sample form the reactions:

"The most interesting character in a game is almost inevitably the one we play, and every other seems shallow in comparison. Sonder's tackling this by letting players take over any and every part in its story, jumping from character to character as they please" (Sonder tells a space-story from every angle)

That’s an Alien-inspired spaceship if ever I saw one. And that’s a good thing: much as vidjagams borrow liberally from Aliens, the stark, minimalist set design in Alien is something far less exhausted. Its whiteness and fusion of the futuristic with the humdrum is so refreshing against the metal corridors and grey-brown dim that abounds. Obviously Moon’s a touchstone there too. (Only An L Short Of Infamy: Sonder)

The idea is to have players – alone, or in multiplayer – constantly questioning their choices and the consequences, and so it offers a “rewind-anytime” mechanic, even all the way to the beginning, allowing you to see how other paths would have played out. (Sonder trailer presses all our indie experiment-lovin’ buttons)

Just imagine how many playthroughs you’ll have to go through to see all the different alternative ways of playing out Sonder’s story. Particularly as this piece of artwork seems to suggest there will be eight characters to move between. (Sonder has you dive from one character’s head to another’s trying to save the day)

Sonder tira de intriga en su primer tráiler

Sonder. (The Station): Philosophisch angehauchtes Action-Adventure ohne Hauptdarsteller vorgestellt


 独立游戏《Sonder》开发中 登陆PC与次世代主机

Sonder: משחק בו "כולם גיבורים… בלי גיבורים"

Most people seemed to like the music - the Alan Parsons Project.

Announcement Teaser

Here at KAMAi MEDIA, we rarely sleep. But when we do, it's a deep, recuperating sleep that enables us to fully recharge, before another round of grueling work begins.

A few days ago, we discovered that someone has been tampering with our computers - a trail of concept art, models and video clips has precariously led us to a piece of footage on one of the many backup drives we have at a dusty corner of our office. The clip itself was a little confusing at first, but by the time we finished watching it - we realized that it represented the concept of our game quite awesomely. It was as if our subconscious took it up on herself to explain our project to us.

After a protracted investigation, we finally discovered that it was indeed us that pieced together this footage while in deep sleep. We still can't decide if that's cool or creepy.

Here is the footage. Decide for yourself.

More information on our project can be found here.


Not kidding about loose lips!

This just in: KAMAi MEDIA hasn't updated their web page for over a year!

Here at KAMAi MEDIA we take security seriously - that's why we decided not to announce the fact that a few months ago we were joined by a new team member - a talented Concept Artist by the name of Stevce Lazarevski. That was until you read that last sentence. And now, since the cat is out of the bag, we can also tell you what else we have been doing in the past year.

Between two Call Of Duty multiplayer matches, we worked really hard on our project. We attended E3 in Los Angeles last year, where we showed an early build of our game to several publishers. Their reactions were universally positive, with a healthy dose of constructive criticism. That encouraged us to work even harder, and a few months down the line we managed to present the first playable (-ish, somewhat) version of our game prototype to prospective publishing partners, at the Game Connection Europe Expo in Paris last November. There we met pretty much every publisher on the planet, and we managed to cement the direction for the finalization of our prototype.

The reactions to the prototype convinced us that we needed to find a way to present our project to the public - ships be damned! So, we are happy to announce that we will be revealing an ANNOUNCEMENT TRAILER in the coming days that will give you a small sample (if you will) of the delight that we consider our project to be.

And one last thing - you can't notice it, but our webpage was completely redesigned to be more easily maintainable. We have a sparkling-new mailing list (subscribe to it at the bottom of this page), and a well-hidden forum where you can ask all your questions (assuming you have some, of course).


I feel pretty!

Outward appearances: they matter. Nowhere as much as in games, where it is not enough just to be pretty, but a game has to be the right kind of pretty. To help find that for the project we are developing here at KAMAi MEDIA, we are proud to announce that our team has grown by 2 very artistically inclined gentlemen.

The first one is a full-time modeller and designer - Vasko Lazarevich, a man unhealthily obsessed with mechanical robots, solar energy and thankfully- modelling. Vasko has made sure the project jumped on the fast track as soon as he started, finally producing models from our art directors' concepts.

Coming in with the wisdom of the ages, the second artist that we have enlisted to help with the visual style of the interiors is architect/artist Jovan Vitanovski. Jovan brings year of experience in both visual art and architectural design, and is helping shape the world of the game.

The compound result is the game getting much more pretty, but we still can't show you anything.

KAMAi MEDIA gets professional help

Over the past several months, KAMAi MEDIA has been searching for people to help with our top secret superproject. In that search, we have had sporadic success, but we have managed to assemble the following talent:

Shortly after starting the company, Petar managed to convince Aleksandar Sotirovski, an old friend and excellent artist to help out with the visual look of the project. It is unclear, particularly to Aleksandar, how he was convinced-  but he has joined as the principal Art Director and has produced some incredible concepts for the game. None that we can show, of course.

To lend plausibility to the spaces that the game occupies, we have also been joined by one other person that can only be described as a curious blend between an architect, a designer and an artist. Apparently, it is karmically irresponsible to name such a person, so his identity will remain a secret, at least as big as the project itself.

Making games involves a lot of programming, a fact that has been recently reimpressed upon Petar. That is why he was happy to welcome a fellow programmer to the team, one Todor Petrovski. His ability to organize code, himself and the people around him is self-evident even in his first name (ToDo:R... to do...? No? Alright then).

Things are going rather well. How does that make you feel?

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