Petar Kotevski
Job Title: Robotnik

Petar was born, went to school and played lots of games on his C64, 486 and Pentium II in Macedonia. After finishing university he quickly realized that he needed to leave Macedonia if he was to learn how to make games for a living. So, one sunny day in 2000- he left for Sweden.

In the following 10 years, he worked in many game companies: Unique development Studios in Sweden, Crytek in Germany, Genuine Games in LA and Bungie in Seattle. In case you were wondering - yes, he did learn how to make games.

In 2010, Petar decided to move back to Macedonia (and his hometown Bitola) and begin work on a project of epic proportions. Well, epic is a purely subjective qualification here. Let's just say he began work on a project. Period. (looks up "epic" in the dictionary) F*ck it, it's epic!

Todor Petrovski
To Do: define job title

True to his name, Todor has an extensive to-do list: everything from flying gliders, building CNC machines, quadcopters, racecars, a true modern day renessaince man. He has checked off about half of his list, but he keeps coming up with more stuff. It's the curse of the to-do-r!

He has been funding the activities on his list through a continuous carreer in programming in the past 7 years, in such places as Slovenia, Cyprus and of course, his native Macedonia. Todor doesn't see himself as a programmer, though. He sees himself as a happily married ladies man who dabbles in the art of programming.

Aleksandar Sotirovski
Job Title: Purveyor of pretty


Aleksandar is a well-known artist in Macedonia and beyond. His notoriety in the Beyond attracts people who possess some sort of a mystical power: the power to come up with an idea that they need help in expressing visually.

Aleksandar's prime passion is comics. He has been drawing them for over 18 years. When he is not drawing comics, he is thinking about drawing comics. When he is not thinking about drawing comics, he is sleeping.

Vasko Lazarevich
Job Title: Agile Graphics Developer

Since April 2012, Vasko has disappeared from the streets and coffee-shops of Bitola, Macedonia, thus ending a promising carreer in digital graphics that he began in 2004, modelling for games, videos and movies. What was left behind was a passion for renewability, solar power, robots, making games and this cryptic note:

To my fellow artists,

Always strive to become the best at what you do. When you become the best, then strive to raise the bar even further. Do it to inspire, both yourself and the new, upcoming artists, so you can become even better.

That's some seriously deep sh*t right there.

Stevche Lazarevski
Job Title: Silent but deadly

A modest and quiet exterior hides a burning metal-head with a passion for art, fantasy, tattoos, muscle-cars and - Facebook.

A true product of modern times, he uses every moment that he is not drawing art on a piece of paper, a computer or someone's skin, to drive his muscle-car to his favourite place on Earth:

Ljubojno, Prespa.

Mystery Person
Job Title: Redacted for security reasons

Really. We can't say anything about this guy. Except that he really ****** *****.

Elena Kotevska
Job Title: The all-seeing eye

I'm affraid I cannot say.